New Year, New Habits, New You

 Hello Fit Fam,

    Welcome to 2023! Maybe this year is a fresh start for you or you are continuing on your path to greatness. You might need to find out where you currently are or you need a complete reset! Regardless of where you are on the scale from "I've got my shit together" to "I need help getting my shit together", I have some tips for getting yourself going or staying on track. 

    Number one and most importantly, make a plan! That is always step one. Yes sometimes winging it is okay but you always need a plan to start. I have found that without a plan I tend to get stuck or afraid to start. I look at my end goal thinking how will I ever achieve this impossible goal! If you are starting at 0 and looking at 100, it may seem impossible but a plan that gives you every single number laid out from 0 to 100 so it does not feel as daunting.

    Number two, be adaptable. You can create the greatest plan you have ever seen but sometimes you have to adapt due to those stinking unforeseen circumstances.  With a plan, there is always a possibility (let's be real, an inevitability) that you will have to wing it due to unforeseen circumstances. It's just the facts of life. Life happens, it gets in the way, and it throws you a curve ball! How you adapt and move forward is what makes you stronger. It also makes reaching your goals that much sweeter!

    Number three, celebrate the small wins. If you make some grandious plan about how you are going to lead THE BEST life possible (fit, fab, and fantastic), achieving that may be a ways down the road. So as you work towards your awesome goals and create a regular routine, celebrate the small stuff. I encourage you to celebrate to scale! If you want to exercise 5 days a week and you complete 1 day so far this week; don't go and celebrate by eating a cheat meal. Instead celebrate with a small but delicious snack to reward that days accomplishment. 

    Number four, use positive affirmations to instill these habits. Tell yourself you are capable and able! You can pick different words but mine are that I am capable and able. These affirmations remind me to keep chasing my dreams and achieving my goals, especially on the days when I lose sight of what I am working towards. 

    As you move into 2023 and are either staying on track for your goals or maybe you need a quick reset and some new goals remember: adjusting is a natural part of life. Even the earth which feels relatively stable changes with time. Tectonic plates shift, rivers move, mountains rise and fall, the weather flows with the seasons and so do humans! Give yourself grace, patience and time to set and reach new goals. You are more capable than your realize. You are even more able than you think. 

    So one thing you can do right now is sit down and right out your goals, make a realistic plan to reach them and then Ready, Set Go!

Stay Calm and Exercise On,

~ Liz ~



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