Refocus on 2023 Goals

 Hello Fit Fam,

This week I have been reflecting on my 2023 goal words, which in case you didn't know we are at the end of September and the year is quickly coming to an end with only 3 months left! AHHHH!

I realized that my two words for 2023 hold even more significance now than when I started this year. In January I picked two words: Embrace and Patience, to define my year and they feel so meaningful now that I feel like I failed a little bit. I believe I have made progress but I know I can be doing so much more. 

I am still a great mom and wife. I love my new job and feel like I am really getting into my groove. I am starting to get some consistency in my workouts and fitness progress. I even feel like my personal training business has started to pick up a little more. I know I am on the right path I just have to be MORE patient with myself and the process. I also have to embrace where I currently am in life. I know not everything will happen overnight but I will stay the course and the results will come in all aspects of my life. 

So if you have lost sight of your new year goals. Reset, refocus, and GO! And if you need an accountability buddy let me know. Maybe I can help you get back on track!

So as for me, I am going to try and hold myself accountable for my goals. I will get back to writing this lovely blog to share my progress, successes, and even failures along the way. I will prioritize the things that matter the most to me and TRY to let go of the things that stress me out or distract me. I will listen to others around me because sometimes I find I am so caught up in my own issues that I don't hear the people around me whether it's sound advice or even a friend who is helping me out in a time of need. I will be present in my work, family life, and fitness journey. I am ready to embrace what is to come and be patient with my progress. 

So I want to leave you with some homework if you feel you are struggling this week, month, or even year! Pick 3 things this week that you can change, manage, track, or improve. Write them down somewhere you can see them every day. Set a goal for today, this week, and this month on those 3 things. Mine will be hydration (~80-90 oz/day), sleep winddown, and dedicated time with my daughter free of distraction (aka TV, cell phones, iPads, basically technology). 

Once you track this for a day, a week, and then a month reflect back on it and see how you did. Start small and dream big. Change won't happen overnight but the progress at the end will be worth the struggle during.

Stay Calm and Exercise On!


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