A Year Ago...

 Hello Fit Fam,

    Let's talk about reflecting. I was just reminded that one year ago I completed one of the greatest feats of my physical fitness career. I raced in my very first half ironman or 70.3-mile triathlon. This event is comprised of a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile bike ride, and a 13.1-mile run. I had signed up for this race multiple times (3 to be exact) and for a bunch of life reasons had to cancel it twice. But lucky number 3 stuck and I did the dang thing! I was committed, and motivated, and needed to do this for myself. 

    What shocks me the most about the training process for this race, was every person I ever talked to who does these endurance-type races (running, cycling triathlons, etc) they all do it socially and with a training team. I on the other hand have always been a solo type of training gal. I enjoy being by myself, on my own. I don't like to rely on others for pacing or meets up. Don't get me wrong I love working out with others and I am a people person but for some reason, this one facet of my training life has always been solo. There is no better feeling than going out on a beautiful trail or greenway path on a sunny but breezy day and putting one foot in front of the other just listening to music or the sounds of nature, hearing only your own breath as you reach mile after mile. 

    Again I understand most people live for the comradery or motivation of being with others. Someone to push you when you need it, or someone to get you through your workout. I do enjoy that but this race and this accomplishment was mine, and mine alone. 

    I look back on the race and my training thinking how good it left to cross that finish line for me, myself, and I! I will never forget the long training days of running, cycling, and swimming. I won't say I didn't have a friend or two along the way because I did. I had family and friends who cheered me on and helped me with transition prep, nutrition planning, race day needs, etc. I had support but I genuinely felt that this race was all about me! I reflect on that day and the months leading up to it and know that I am ready for what comes next. I am ready to face the next great challenge whatever that might be. I am ready to commit to myself. I am ready to see what else I might be capable of! I am ready!

    My reflection is about knowing what I have accomplished and using that to guide me forward. To look back on the things that I have done and be proud of my accomplishments. But most importantly never say never. I didn't think that I would ever complete that race, but I did. It wasn't an easy path, but I made it happen. So in my reflection, I look forward and say what comes next who knows, but it will be awesome in its own special way!


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